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Scriba Lyric Music Suite

Scriba Lyric Music Suite is a software to create, to edit and to read audiolyrics. An audiolyric consist of the audio of a song and its lyrics synchronized each other. In the audiolyric you can also add the lyric translation to any language.

Scriba Lyric Music Suite software contains within:
1) an editor with which you can create or edit audiolyrics or to add the lyric translation
2) un audiolyric web creator with which you can create audiolyrics by the web (in a few senconds and automatically)
3) a player to play the audiolyrics (to listen the song while the synchronized lyric is displayed)
4) a video maker to create lyric videos. You can choose to create videos with lyric in original language, or translated to any language, or both.

Scriba Lyric is the only software in the world that allow you to make a parallel lyrics video. Got the parallel lyrics video you can publish it on your Facebook page or on a site to share video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc).

To download Scriba Lyric Music Suite free version, please, visit the download page clicking on the blue button below